Dyersburg: Northwest Tennessee's Regional Hub

Dyersburg, Tennessee may not be a market you've heard much about. That will probably be changing soon.

You see, Dyersburg is a town that is well connected. The town is located in northwest Tennessee, 100 miles from the geographic center of the U.S. Dyersburg is connected to the world by highways, a major rail line, air facilities and, most significantly, the Mississippi River. The bridge at Dyersburg is the only one across the Mississippi between Memphis and Cairo, Illinois. And the town stands equidistant from Chicago and New Orleans.

Now something big is coming to this town. Interstate 69, linking Canada with the Gulf Coast, is going to be running through Dyer County. The highway currently runs from Canada (at the Michigan border) to Indianapolis. This southern extension of 69 will travel through Evansville (Indiana), Memphis, Shreveport and Houston. Oh yes, and Dyersburg too.

The impact of this highway extension will be profound on Dyersburg, a town already geographically positioned to be an ideal business location.

Intermodal transportation network

The increased visibility created by Interstate 69 will serve to make Dyersburg a viable option for businesses looking for a place to expand operations.

Not that the town isn't already a very attractive alternative. Dyersburg is a regional service hub for Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri, there is no unionized manufacturing in the county and retail development is growing. Dyersburg has a tech center and a community college, which can aid in employee training.

In addition, Dyersburg boasts two outstanding industrial parks. The Dyersburg Industrial Park has a 384,000 square foot former textile facility available, a tool and dye shop and other support services for industry. North Industrial Park, which is adjacent to Interstate 155, is currently being developed on a 240+ acre plot of land.

The pro-business environment in Dyersburg is substantial enough to have encouraged Caterpillar to expand their operations in the area.

One of the best

A pro-business environment, geography and infrastructure aren't enough incentive for businesses to consider a location. They need to ask themselves about the community. What is it like? Who is our potential workforce? What is the cost and quality of living?

The people of Dyersburg have answers for these questions. Because of the town's low cost of living, homey atmosphere, beautiful Victorian homes and excellent schools, Dyersburg is an extremely attractive place for business.

That's why Dyersburg was recently named one of the 50 best small Southern towns. It's recognition of which the town is extremely proud. The criteria, after all, were pretty extensive:

  • Population under 25,000
  • Positive population growth
  • Readily available cultural and recreational attractions
  • Adult education opportunities
  • Healthcare options
  • Internet access

An "ideal location"

Dyersburg is not only strategically positioned geographically, it is a near-perfect blend of the things that make America great. It is easily accessible to three different states, occupies a central place on the Mississippi River and is eager to attract and maintain new industry. It's a secret jewel that may not be hidden much longer.

For more information on a Dyersburg, TN location, contact Tammy Hall of the Dyer County Chamber of Commerce at (731) 285-3433 (email: thall@ecsis.net). Or, visit the chamber's Web site at www.ecsis.net/dyersburg