ElectriCities: Connect to a Powerful Resource

Are reliable power and exceptional service at a great price high on your site-criteria list? Then take a closer look at ElectriCities' coverage area.

ElectriCities is unique because it is a non-profit government service organization representing Public-Power communities. Originally formed in 1965, today ElectriCities offers its communities customer service, safety training, emergency and technical assistance, communications, government affairs and legal services. By consolidating these functions, ElectriCities communities save money-a savings they can then pass onto their customers.

The organization's service area covers 100 communities in one of the South's fastest-growing corridors-- North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. With a proven reputation for reliability, most of ElectriCities' members have been in business for more than 100 years.

For businesses in search of the best location, ElectriCities' Economic Development Department connects you to a lot more than power. The organization's economic developers, along with municipal personnel, provide a range of services to facilitate new and expanding industrial development.

A Single Point of Contact to Get the Job Done

First, ElectriCities and its public power communities offer one point of contact for all of your utility needs as well as zoning, permitting, and site-planning requirements. Most of the communities offer a low-cost utility package that includes reliable electric service along with adequate water and wastewater treatment. A few of ElectriCities' larger communities also provide natural-gas service.

ElectriCities communities also offer economic development incentive rates that will lower the cost of electric service during the first four-and-one-half years of operation. This rate is available to qualifying new or expanding industries that receive electric service from ElectriCities' Municipal Public Power System communities.

Another benefit of working with ElectriCities is that the organization will not require your company to sign a confidentiality agreement before discussing customized electric rates. Approval of any customized rates and signing of electric-service agreements can be completed within sixty days locally and do not require a public hearing by the North Carolina Utilities Commission. All of the assistance from ElectriCities is confidential, free, and provided by an experienced, professional staff.

Location Assistance

ElectriCities will further assist your company by confidentially locating and showing you sites and buildings that meet your company's or clients' needs and requirements. At the appropriate time, the organization will also put you in touch with state and local economic development representatives, community leaders, bankers, municipal officials and others to provide support. ElectriCities can also review a site to determine what is needed to accommodate your facility and its electric service requirements.

In addition to helping a company find the best site, ElectriCities can provide community data, labor information, information on state and local incentives and other essential information critical to your decision. After you choose communities to visit, ElectriCities can plan and coordinate many of the details.

Marketing Analysis

Along with location assistance, ElectriCities can help you identify suppliers for your production needs as well as new markets in the Carolinas or Virginia. The organization can also generate information about potential purchasers of your products and services.

Electric Service Needs

Finally, ElectriCities will assist your company by providing competitive rate options and programs that assure you get the lowest cost electric service. The organization boasts an experienced team who will evaluate your operations and electric-service needs, and then provide you with a clear estimate of your electric-service costs. ElectriCities' free assistance includes the following:

  • Electric service cost estimates based on estimated kilowatts and kilowatt hours
  • Electric service facilities including transformers sized to serve estimated peak kilowatt load
  • Energy efficiency studies and recommendations
  • Lighting evaluations with energy efficiency recommendations
  • Peak load management recommendations
  • Power-quality evaluations and recommendations
  • Power audits to determine load management options and feasibility
  • Electrotechnology information and benefits
  • Evaluation of HVAC specifications for optimum sizing and operation of mechanical equipment

For information and assistance about locating your facility in an ElectriCities community contact Brenda Daniels at 800-768-7697 ext. 6363, (919) 760-6363, or mobile (919) 218-7027 (email: brenda.daniels@electricities.com website: www.electricities.com)