It's Big

Oklahoma's Largest Industrial Park Gets Down to Business

MidAmerica is big. We're talking 9,000 acres big. But it's not just about a huge piece of land. MidAmerica is big on savings, accessibility and quality of life.

More than 70 businesses and industries have located in the park - everything from retail and food processing to light manufacturing and precision machining. They include branches or subsidiaries of Georgia-Pacific, E.I. Dupont, Tyco International, ConocoPhillips and SYSCO.

Land of opportunity

Companies are choosing MidAmerica because the financial benefits are every bit as big as the location itself. They have discovered utility costs here are 20-50 percent below any other location in the United States. Combine that with the fact that the water and wastewater treatment facilities are owned and operated by the park, and a labor pool that is deep and relatively inexpensive, and the savings are substantial.

The incentives program is impressive too. The Oklahoma Quality Jobs Program (also known as the Cash-Back Guarantee Program) provides quarterly cash payments up to five percent to companies that exceed $1.5 million in gross taxable payroll. The Five-year Ad Valorem Tax Credit allows eligible businesses to take a five-year exemption under certain circumstances. There are also tax credits for new jobs, sales tax exemptions and sales and use tax refunds.

Other benefits MidAmerica offers include two industry-training centers (Northeast Technology Centers and OSU-Okmulgee, a branch of Oklahoma State University), broadband fiber optic rings, high speed DSL and internet wireless services, along with an on-site regional business airport.

America's crossroads

MidAmerica is located near Tulsa in Pryor Creek, Oklahoma, an area known as "America's Crossroads." It's equidistant from both coasts - an ideal location for national and international businesses. MidAmerica businesses can reach most American cities with same-day and next-day truck delivery, cutting costs and travel time substantially. As a result, more than 70 trucking companies service the companies located at MidAmerica.

Another important transportation point is the park's accessibility to four of the nation's largest general retailers. Wal-Mart, J.C. Penney, Dillard's and May Department Stores all have their headquarters within a 325-mile radius of MidAmerica.

Welcome home

But business is about more than logistics or size. It takes quality people to make a company work. That's why the State of Oklahoma has long invested in training its labor force to be effective and innovative. The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education offers customized training free of charge for companies establishing or expanding operations in the state. Employees don't even have to leave the park for training - Northeast Technology Centers operates an industry-training center onsite.

The employment pool is big too. More than 93,000 people live within a 20-mile radius of the park, and it's estimated that the population will grow to be nearly 104,000 by 2006. And many of those people commute to jobs outside the county - more opportunity for companies considering locating at MidAmerica.

More than you'd expect

MidAmerica is about more than just being big. Companies locating here can expect a large, trained workforce, tremendous incentives and a first-class location. All of it adds up to big news for business.

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