The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas offer attractive power rates that naturally motivate companies to locate in Arkansas.

The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas, consisting of 17 distribution cooperatives as well as a generation and transmission cooperative, own over 2,000 megawatts of generation capacity serving more than 400,000 homes, businesses and industries in Arkansas. This generation is diverse, consisting of low-sulfur, coal-fired plants; oil/gas-fired plants; hydro-electric plants on the Arkansas River and a new combustion turbine plant. Not only are we the only electricity provider headquartered in Arkansas, we are the only electricity provider in Arkansas building new generation to meet our customers needs.

This commitment to our member/customers underscores the unique advantages of being a cooperative customer. As a member of the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas you become an owner with a voice in how your energy needs should be met. It's a democratic process of one member-one vote. The cooperatives are not profit-motivated but exist solely to serve our member/customers.

Our rates are well below the national average. Our wholesale rates to our distribution cooperatives have actually decreased 14% in real dollars over the past decade. All classes of customers from residential to commercial and industrial enjoy the abundant supply of reliable and affordable electricity. Discover why such industry giants as Nucor Steel, Nucor-Yamato Steel, B.F. Goodrich Aerospace, Bekaert Corporation, Scroll Technologies and Green Bay Packaging/Kraft Paper have chosen the natural beauty and assured long-term power supply offered by the state of Arkansas and the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas.

Arkansas' natural beauty is unparalleled. We have some of the best outdoor recreational opportunities anywhere from hunting, fishing and boating to a magnificent network of state parks. Arkansas is internationally recognized as one of the best locations for duck hunting and trout fishing. Our geographic location also provides an advantage. Arkansas lies within 550 miles of more than 40% of the U.S. buying power. The state is centrally located between the east and west coasts, as well as approximately half-way between Montreal and Mexico City. Arkansas is a right-to-work state, mandated in our state constitution, and offers very attractive financial incentives to businesses seeking to locate here.

A cornerstone of any state's development is the availability of electric power. The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas have been creating a suitable climate for recruiting business and industry to Arkansas for many years. Our economic development department proves that a public-private partnership can succeed by working with businesses and industries, the Arkansas Department of Economic Development, local governments and community leaders to help create jobs and investments in the state. We are proud of our economic development efforts in Arkansas. We serve the largest electric load in the state of Arkansas and one of the largest electric loads served by a cooperative in the United States. We will do whatever is necessary to provide the power.

No state could develop without proper infrastructure. The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas are actively involved in improving the state's infrastructure; having been instrumental in the development of water systems, rural fire protection services and new and better highways.

It's all a part of the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas' commitment to making Arkansas the best it can be. We've got the power!

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