Good Things Are Happening
Newport News attracts attention and business

Oyster Point in Newport News

It's midway along the Atlantic coast, offering a mild winter and a long, spectacular spring and fall. There is an abundance of outdoor activities available, and you can even enjoy them during the winter months.

But, until recently, Newport News hasn't gotten much attention. That was before two local projects took awards from the Virginia Business/Certified Commercial Investment Members recently for being the most "significant projects in Virginia." Did we mention that those two awards were exactly half of the total given out?

Not that it surprised the folks in Newport News. They already knew that big things were beginning to happen in their town.

Exciting developments

The two award-winning projects (City Center at Oyster Point and Port Warwick) reflect the city's commitment to business, and quality of life.

City Center at Oyster Point is being built to be a "high-density, mixed-use development." The buildings will surround a fountain lake at the center of the Oyster Point business park. Port Warwick is an urban village developed around a series of town squares. Each development increases the attractiveness and viability of its urban setting. Port Warwick even adds the flexibility of having two "live-and-work" products, which allow business owners to live above their stores, reminiscent of the classic urban model.

Another development is drawing attention, too. AirCommerce Park is located on an 8000-foot, all-weather international airport runway. The park offers tenants custom building sites fronting a 25-acre aircraft-parking apron. It's a perfect location for aviation-related businesses, air cargo operations, aerospace research and development and storage of large aircraft.

Making it work

Newport News offers more than a great location and impressive spaces for business. It is also a growing technology and research center.

Newport News is at the heart of one of the most significant technology hubs on the Atlantic coast. There are two national laboratories readily accessible - the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (in Newport News) and the NASA Langley Research Center (in nearby Hampton).

Scientists at the Jefferson Lab conduct research on the atom's nucleus at the quark level. The Lab is managed by the Southeastern Universities Research Association.

NASA Langley is involved in aerospace, atmospheric sciences and technology commercialization.

Other facilities in the area are conducting research in photonics, nanotechnology, large-scale computer networks, modeling and simulation and naval engineering.

But business needs more than research - it needs infrastructure and manpower. And Newport News can certainly deliver in those areas as well.

Because of its proximity to the port of Hampton Roads, Newport News offers international business the advantage of accessibility while retaining the cost-effective environment of a smaller city.

More than just a pretty face

Newport News is the fifth-largest city in Virginia, sporting a tremendous climate and access to a multitude of resources and activities. It's part of a dynamic metropolitan region, which continues to grow in population and income.

But it's not just a great place to live. Newport News offers business an excellent atmosphere in which to grow a company. It's the place where technology and innovation meet sunny skies and outdoor fun.

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