In the Carolinas, You Really Can Have the Best of Both Worlds

Bridgestone Firestone, Bose, Dupont, Bayer Corporation, Siemans/Navistar, and Bosch Corporation are just a few of the companies that have taken advantage of one of the Carolina's most valuable business resources: SCANA Corporation. Based in Columbia, S.C., SCANA Corporation and its subsidiaries have been providing reliable energy to large and small businesses throughout the Southeast for over 150 years.

SCANA is also a major proponent of economic development in the region, helping businesses with all aspects of locating and growing in the Carolinas. SCANA's Community/Economic Development and Local Government specialists work diligently to provide assistance at every stage of the site location process, using a variety of tools and resources such as:

Infrastructure Development Funding -- available through SCANA's Grants and Loans Programs, as well as other sources.

Site Location and Available Building Database -- an invaluable resource in helping pinpoint the perfect location.

Low-cost Energy Solutions -- including a personal engineering interface for designing electric and gas service.

Government and Community Relations -- bringing together Federal, State, Local and community leaders to make plans become a reality.

One of the primary reasons companies are turning to SCANA more and more is the ever-growing need for reliable, low-cost energy.

As SCANA's Economic Development Manager, Harry Busbee, points out, a slight dip in electric service that a residential customer would not even notice could throw off a production process and cost a manufacturer thousands of dollars in damaged goods. Or a blip might cause a plant's power to trip off, shutting down the process and costing time and money to restart.

Rest assured, SCANA understands just how critical reliable energy is in running your business successfully and profitably.

Through its principal subsidiaries, SCANA provides electricity to 533,000 retail and wholesale customers in South Carolina, as well as clean, efficient natural gas service to well over a million customers in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. South Carolina Pipeline Corporation, SCANA's natural gas transmission company, operates almost 2,000 miles of pipeline in South Carolina, serving commercial, industrial and wholesale customers.

SCANA also has substantial investments in fiber optic and wireless communications spanning 12 states in the Southeast region, providing additional resources for new and expanding companies.

If your business is thinking about moving or expanding, consider giving your business & your employees the best of both worlds in the Carolinas. Then visit our website at for complete site selection services, including a database of the latest available locations.