2004 SB&D 100 Methodology

We can't think of a better way to judge a state's attractiveness to industry than to count and identify the companies making significant financial commitments to that state. That's what we do with the annual SB&D 100. We count the number of companies making public commitments of 200 jobs or more and/or $30 million in investment or more. We feel very strongly that major corporate announcements are a better measure of a state's willingness and ability to accommodate your deal than any other measure that's available.

The annual ranking of the top 100 corporate job and investment announcements made in the South gives you critical insight into areas of the region that could become a future home for your company. If you are expanding, relocating or simply launching a new company in the South, the SB&D 100 will guide you to the hottest states and markets in the region. By studying the SB&D 100 as well as the "Just Missed Deals," you'll discover which markets in the South hold certain industry clusters -- clusters that you may serve or may serve you.

All announcements found in the SB&D 100 were made public by a representative of the company. Job and investment totals are those that have been projected by a company spokesperson over a three-year period. Only new, expanded and relocated selected service and manufacturing projects are eligible for the ranking. Government projects such as prisons and military bases are eligible, however, retail, lodging and some entertainment-based announcements are not. Real estate investments such as office buildings and industrial parks are not eligible.

Ten points are earned for each SB&D 100 announcement and five points are given for each JMD (just missed deal). This year's SB&D Job 100 threshold is 400 jobs, so all announcements made of 400 jobs or more earned 10 points. Five points are given for announcements 200 jobs to 399 jobs. This year's SB&D Investment 100 threshold is $55 million. All deals announced of $55 million or more earned 10 points. Deals announced from $30 million to $54.99 million earned five points. Category rankings include State, Mega-Market (2 million-plus pop.), Major Market (750,000-1.99 million), Mid-Market (250,000-749,999) and Small Market (under 250,000).