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In the Carolinas, You Really Can Have the Best of Both Worlds

Bridgestone Firestone, Bose, Dupont, Bayer Corporation, Siemans/Navistar, and Bosch Corporation are just a few of the companies that have taken advantage of one of the Carolina's most valuable business resources: SCANA Corporation. Based in Columbia, S.C., SCANA Corporation and its subsidiaries have been providing reliable energy to large and small businesses throughout the Southeast for over 150 years.

SCANA is also a major proponent of economic development in the region, helping businesses with all aspects of locating and growing in the Carolinas.

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Rage On!

The Southern Auto Corridor: It's all the Rage

The Southern Auto Corridor is a phrase that has been used almost every year over the last 10 years by CNN, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, BusinessWeek and The New York Times, among other major media outlets in various reports on the South and its remarkable rise in automobile and truck vehicle production. Every time a major automaker makes a major move in the South, "the Southern Auto Corridor" is where media reports the move was made. The phrase did not exist 20 years ago.

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