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The South's Chip Biz has Good Quarter

Entrepreneur.com, NPRC Big on Southern Markets

BRAC Not Kind to Northern Virginia

GM Closing Two Plants, Eliminating Line in Southern Auto Corridor

Nissan's New Headquarters to Cost $70M

New Orleans’s First Big Deal Post-Katrina

West Tennessee Site Earns Fifth Certified TVA Mega site

Chiquita is the Latest Brand to Look to Relocate HQ to South

Offshore Wind Farm to be built in Gulf



Battle Brewing Between Ontario and the South

In late June, Toyota announced it is building its seventh North American automotive assembly plant in Ontario, Canada. It's the second plant for Toyota in Ontario and only the second new foreign auto assembly plant announced in North America outside the Southern Auto Corridor in 13 years. Both of those plants were also Toyota facilities, built in Ontario and Indiana.

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Southern Auto Corridor Relocations and Expansions
Southbound: From the Editor Top Deals
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Northeast Tennessee
Explore the mountains of possibilities

It's 13 counties long and 340,000 workers strong, each one of them trained to meet the needs of modern industry.

Welcome to the Northeast Tennessee Valley. Beloved by tourists for scenic mountains and breathtaking valley views, it is also one of the southeastern United States' most strategic business locations.

We believe success starts with an intelligent, highly productive labor force, said Alicia Summers, director of the Northeast Tennessee Valley Regional Industrial Development Association ( www.netvaly.org ).

We have strong right-to-work laws here, and over 15,000 people actively seeking long term employment, she said, commenting on local absentee and turnover rates that are some of the lowest in the nation. That's one more reason our work force continues to set benchmarks for quality and productivity.

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