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* The Southern Auto Corridor: It's All the Rage!
* The Eight Most Common Site Selection Mistakes

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Mitsubishi Comes Back to Jaxport

Arby's Moving HQ to Atlanta

1,000 New Jobs for Charlotte

Huge Month for Texas

Toyota Plant Causing Ripple Effect in San Antonio


Tennessee On the FastTrack®

Tennessee is on the FastTrack® in economic development with a world-class location, a pro-business environment, a dependable and educated workforce and a wealth of technology resources.

Tennessee is indeed the center of the south, within a day's drive of 75 percent of America. The state offers ready access to eight interstates, major rivers, international airports and extensive railways so manufacturers can quickly and efficiently ship anywhere in the world.

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We Beg to Disagree. Incentives to Industry do Work!

In January, a story written by Arthur E. Foulkes of the American Institute for Economic Research (www.aier.org) was picked up by Scripps Howard News Service and was published in several U.S. daily newspapers, including the Birmingham Post Herald. I read the story with interest since the headline read "No Evidence that Economic Development Grants (incentives) Work." The story was not unlike others written over the years, most notably one in Time Magazine in the late 1990s that centered on the evils of "Corporate Welfare."

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Southern Auto Corridor Relocations and Expansions
Southbound: From the Editor Top Deals
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